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Precision Cleaning For New Parts

Persys performs precision cleaning for new parts prior to their use in the semiconductor, magnetic, solar, optics, and aerospace industries, where even a microscopic contaminant can impact the overall quality of the equipment and product. We tailor the process to meet the stringent specs of every customer, allowing them to better manage planning and procurement….

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Parts Cleaning And Decontamination Services

Persys supplies parts cleaning, decontamination and maintenance services. We clean, restore, and decontaminate used parts and equipment to support sustainable operations and reduce procurement expenses. The decontamination process removes metal, organic depositions, and other contaminates such as hazardous materials. After decontamination, parts are repackaged in clean rooms and delivered to the customer, ready to use.

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Kits and parts refurbishment

Persys provides refurbishing services based on extensive engineering knowledge and experience in a variety of fields. The work process includes characterization and design according to customer requirements, as well as all logistics and administrative services. Persys also performs feasibility tests on improved disposable parts. Damaged parts can be replaced with new, original parts according to…

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Thermal Coating

Persys provides different types of thermal coating applications that increase part efficiency and lifespan, including Plasma Spray Coating and Arc Spray. Persys have more than 20 years of experience in thermal spray services and developed several unique coatings that can improve yield and machine down time. Our system is fully robotic what bring coating thickness…

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Advanced cleanroom laundry

Persys offers cutting-edge laundry facilities for cleanrooms that meet stringent semiconductor industry standards. Our laundry serves cleanrooms up to the CLASS-10 level and provides a complete solution for cleanroom clothing including cleaning, fabrication, and repair. Our critical wash process is designed to maintain garment integrity while producing a Class A garment. We help ensure wash…

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Engineering & development of tools and processes

Growing and evolving with our customers, we offer end-to-end project implementation from the initial specification and development, to product release in the final production stage. Persys’ experienced engineers are experts on design and development in mechanics, precision mechanics, electricity, electronics, and materials for any and all customer needs. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to support…

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