Advanced cleanroom laundry

Persys offers cutting-edge laundry facilities for cleanrooms that meet stringent semiconductor industry standards.

Our laundry serves cleanrooms up to the CLASS-10 level and provides a complete solution for cleanroom clothing including cleaning, fabrication, and repair.

Our critical wash process is designed to maintain garment integrity while producing a Class A garment.

We help ensure wash process quality by utilizing:

  • Validated laundry wash processes
  • Microprocessor-controlled washers and dryers
  • DI water in every wash formula
  • Specially formulated cleanroom wash chemicals
  • HEPA/ULPA filtered dryers
  • QA monitoring of the wash process

We understand how important it is for cleanroom apparel to be properly handled and maintained so we have implemented industry best practices as part of our everyday operating procedures.

  • Garments are processed in a minimum ISO-Class 5 cleanroom.
  • Each and every garment is barcode scanned.
  • Garments are inspected in accordance with IEST standards.
  • Garments are packaged in certified cleanroom bags and puncture-resistant shipping containers.